Information & Resources

Schools & Learning

Many kin children are likely to have experienced loss and trauma, which can have a lasting impact. Remember your kin child’s past and present experiences can impact on school life and affect their ability to learn, so talk to the school about what your child has been through. You need to let your kin child’s school know about their circumstances/status so that it can provide support for him or her.

Legal Advice & Options

Access to expert legal advice is vital for kinship carers especially at the start of your kinship journey, when you need to carefully consider and understand your options.  You need to understand the long-term implications of any legal orders you apply for – ideally through accessing independent advice and guidance at the earliest stage.

Early Help & Wellbeing Support

Kinship Carers Liverpool are here to support and advise carers and children of kinship families – at whatever stage of their journey – be it when at the earliest crisis stages when a child may have just started to live with a carer, or later on in the teenage years.

Here we provide an overview of key Early Help services in Liverpool that may be able to provide  support to you as a kinship carer.  Take a good look at various links and other websites – and remember we are here to support and signpost you in the right direction.

Money & Benefits

You may need to think about your current employment and your rights related to your caring role. The national charity Grandparents Plus provides some detailed information about this on their website around:

  • Time off for Dependents
  • Unpaid Parental Leave
  • Flexible Working