Schools & Learning

Supporting your kin child at school:

Many kin children are likely to have experienced loss and trauma, which can have a lasting impact. Remember your kin child’s past and present experiences can impact on school life and affect their ability to learn, so talk to the school about what your child has been through. You need to let your kin child’s school know about their circumstances/status so that it can provide support for him or her.

  • Notice any signs that the kin child you are caring for is being bullied at school; it is the school’s responsibility to take action if the child is being bullied – see the links below for more advice
  • Find a role model or mentor for your kin child – the team at Kinship Carers Liverpool can do just that
  • Find out more about our Kinship Counts! Course – a short, free, informal course we run with kin carers to build your confidence to support your kin child

Working with you kin child’s school and teacher/form tutor:

  • Arrange a meeting with your kin child’s form tutor/teacher at the start of September to speak directly about your kin care circumstances. This will mean that school teaching and support staff are aware of potential challenges and issues which may affect your kin child’s learning, behaviour and relationships at the very earliest opportunity in the academic year.
  • Ask who the mental health champion is at the school and what support they can provide for your child – ask for a meeting and explain the challenges your kin child may be facing or experiencing (now or previously).
  • Let the school know about our website and the resources, information and links available here
  • The school may be able to claim Pupil Premium Plus (see more below) which can go towards some extra support.
  • If your kin child has a disability or is under the care of Alder Hey Children’s Hospital, you may be able to get free information and advice from a specialist advice service – click here for further details: Liverpool Law Clinic

Pupil Premium Plus

The Pupil Premium is additional money given to schools in England to raise the attainment of eligible pupils. Schools qualify for this funding for every child who is in receipt of free school meals.

Schools are also given additional money for ‘looked after children’, children who have been adopted from care and children who have left care under a Special Guardianship Order, Residence Order or Child Arrangements Order. This is called the Pupil Premium Plus.

If your child is eligible for the Pupil Premium Plus you should inform the school, as they may not be aware of the child’s status. Eligibility needs to be recorded in the January school census for the school to receive funding in the following financial year.

Contact us to find out more and check if you are eligible.