See what our families are saying

The support and contact we have been getting from kinship carers have been second to none! And especially even more now during this virus pandemic!  Making sure we have everything we need for the kids and ourselves, dropping fruit veg, and anything else that we need, even the phone calls they make to us just to see if we need a chat,  they have gone above & beyond!  Be lost without them ❤️❤️

Thanks for the bags of fruit and veg and Jack’s Easter egg, that put a smile on his face. Hes going out for walk with me now. Lovely weather xx

Thank u so much Pauline/eve for delivering lots of goodies and Lilly’s Easter egg….very much appreciated, keep safe x

Oh and his easter egg!! Sorry …his eyes LIT up!!! Stashed it so he wont be sharing ha ha …made his day ..thank you!!! X

Girls got so excited when they saw the fruit and veg, thank you xx

Make a makeshift football game using straws to blow pea in goal on a table or piece of paper rolled up  tell him to head the ball in the air see how many he gets up too next time see if he can beat first go etc xx

That’s good, the hardest thing about all this is the mental/ emotional aspect.

Thank u everyone 💔❤️  its all just so heartbreaking and it all seems so unreal with what going on around the world xx

Thank you so much, the yoghurt was a lifesaver as we use this in place of milk and had just run out.