National Campaigning

National Kinship Carers Awarness Week

29th June 2022

in 2016 National Kinship Carers week was established by our project Aim: to raise awareness of what Kinship Care is and to celebrate Kinship families. This has gone from strength to strength, each year is bigger and people, organisations, government

London, campaingning, seeing the sights and having a great time

29th June 2022

Back after an exhausting, busy and fabulous 2 days in london! Our young people really were amazing and their families should be so proud of them. Visiting the London Design Museum where Peter Carneys LFC flags are exhibited including the

2016 Baring Foundation – Human Rights based approach

12th May 2021

Aim: to bring local key organisation to collaboratively create a strategy of support for Kin Families. Baring Foundation funded our project to look at Kinship Care from a Human Rights based approach. 2019.pdf

2020/21 Liverpool Biennial Festival

12th May 2021

Aim: to raise awareness of Kinship Care and invite our families to explore different opportunities through cultural education. We have been asked to take part in Liverpool’s Biennial Festival, under the theme of ‘Kinship’ working with Israeli artist, Yeal Davids

2015 First Young Person’s Conference

12th May 2021

Aim: developed and delivered by young people to enable them to have their voices heard to an audience of Education and Social Care. Outcomes: Pledge from all attendees on how they can make a change within their service/profession to support

2021 Cross Party Parliamentary Taskforce Update

11th May 2021

Aim: Kinship Carers Liverpool  led on bringing families together from the North West with meetings/conversations and consultations to have their voices heard and tell their stories in order to produce this comprehensive report. Outcome: This is a very important piece

2016 Kinship Carers National Awareness Week was established

30th September 2020

in 2016 National Kinship Carers week was established by our project Aim: to raise awareness of what Kinship Care is and to celebrate Kinship families. Outcome: each year this awareness week has gone from strength to strength with a working

Thank you NHS

5th May 2020

A video where some of our kinship families contributed their art work towards making this thanks to NHS video during these very strange times of Covid-19, lockdown, closed shops, closed schools, social distancing, not seeing our families and friends face

John Moores University Talk

30th October 2019

Some of our Kinship Carers are going along to John Moores University, to give a talk to Social Workers about what issues they face and generally what Kinship Care is all about.  This is a very important date and another

2019 Parliamentary Task Force Trip to London

19th July 2019

On the 1 July a group of young kin-kids and older kin-kids who went along to Westminster to have their voices heard by MP’s and Lords.  It was a very successful and emotional day for our kin-kids, once again telling

2019 Parliamentary Taskforce

19th March 2019

This is a very important time for Kinship Carers, to make changes, positive change to the outcomes for our Kinship Families, recognition. Please open link below, this will give you all the information about the Parliamentary Taskforce. Our meeting with

2018 Bluecoat ‘In the Palm of my Hand”

13th February 2019

Aim: to use art and dance to raise awareness of Kinship Care Outcome: The film was showcased to a live audience and a DVD was created to be shown in schools. We were approached by Bluecoats who came into our

Media Release for ‘In The Palm Of My Hand’

31st January 2019

              MEDIA RELEASE     Bluecoat create special dance performance with Liverpool charity Kinship Carers Liverpool   Bluecoat, Liverpool’s centre for the contemporary arts, will premiere In the Palm of My Hand, a moving original performance, on Saturday 2nd

Kinship Carers Week

19th October 2018

Kinship carer benefits policy scrapped after court ruling

30th May 2018

The government has scrapped its policy of withholding benefits from kinship carers who fall foul of the two-child limit after having a child of their own. The U-turn by the work and pensions secretary, Esther McVey, on Friday comes a

‘Plunged into poverty’: are kinship carers getting the support they need?

28th February 2018

Kinship care is more stable than foster care and, by objective measures, has significantly better outcomes for children. So how do local authorities view it, and how much are they willing – or able – to resource this type of placement?